Gardner and the gang // Girl gang + boy gang at the skatepark

Today we went skating. Me, the kid, our skateboards and a whole skatepark full of crazy riders. Just the usual calm, lazy Sunday. But we had a great time and the weather was actually perfect for skating. Not too hot and not too cold and with just the right amount of wind.

This summer Mr W mostly wanted to skate ramps because of the thrill and the lack of resistance. But after carrying two boards and helmets back and forth the park one time too many I decided that enough was enough. The kid needed to learn how transport himself (on his board), at least on the flat surfaces, so we started practicing on kicking himself forward. And today all that practice finally gave fruit. Yay!

Now, how cool is the kid's new sweater from Gardner and the Gang? I love this brand, that is no secret, and Carneval Vices - their AW16 line - is just as fantastic as always. The light sweatshirt is a gorgeous blue color and thin enough to suit my active kid. I felt extra good about the Mr W wearing the shirt today because the skatepark that we frequent are doing it's absolute best to attract more girl skaters. Mr W usually skates with one of his best friends, Miss M, and when the skatepark started their project GRRRLSK8 they were both a bit confused. Why couldn't they just all skate together? Because like with most activities; it's more fun when boys and girls can play together. But we explained to them that boys were allowed in the park, we just needed more girls too, and after that we make it a point to try and mix up the group. Bring more girls to the park and to stress that skateboard is for everyone. Girl Gang or Boy Gang: We should all be one BIG gang of love, right?

One day I'm going to bring the camera when we have all them little skaters at the ramp. That will be a great blogpost for you all. They are amazingly brave for a group of four and five year olds.

Another thing; If you are in our part of the world and need a great board for your kid, then make sure to check out the youth boards from PROSK8. The are small enough to fit a child but it still has the quality you need in a good skateboard. PROSK8 also uses Tip Technology which makes the boards last way longer than they usually do, especially for kids. If you'd be interested in more blogposts concentrated on skateboarding and its equipment, let me know.

Now I need to go read bedtime stories for my little wild child. He is extra tired after all that skating today.

xoxo / Linn

The kid is wearing:

Girl Gang + Boy Gang Sweater from Gardner and the Gang
Drest Sweatpants from I Dig Denim
Grey Tubesocks from Lillster 
Dark blue Chuck Taylor hi-tops from Converse

Skateboard is from ProSk8 Scandinavia and the protective gear is from Triple8 NYC