Prepping for Lucia - a very Swedish tradition

It's now less than one month until the annual Lucia celebration takes place in Sweden. Are you done preparing for the procession? Or maybe you're more like me who really haven't started yet? Well, I'm starting today and here are my highlights from this year's range.

The "Luciatåg" (Lucia procession) is probably the most anticipated event of year for parents in Sweden, at least for those who have preschoolers. And how could it not be? All those tiny kids, dressed up and singing carols slightly off-key? Its so cute that you are about to burst. Which means that it is crucial to get a hold of a suitable Lucia costume before they are sold out.

A word of advise to the first time parent of a kid in Lucia procession age-group; Do not wait until the beginning of December to go shopping. It could end in disappointment, for sure.

The big chains such as HM, Lindex and Kappahl usually do a great job at providing us with costumes for all the different roles in the procession. Lucia, tärna, tomtenisse or stjärngosse, can all be found for reasonable prices, both in stores and on their various websites. Below I've rounded up this year's favorites:

Another tip from one parent to another would be to check with the preschool if they plan to have the Lucia procession outdoors. A lot of schools choose this option since inside space for a bigger bunch of kids could be limited. In this case; remember to size up. The kids will probably stand outside for a while and they might even need to fit the clothes over their winter overalls.

Below are photos of the munchkin himself, shot two years ago during his first preschool Lucia celebration. Cute as a button in an christmas-elf outfit two sizes too big. Behind him all his friends are lined up, singing their little hearts out, while my kid threw a one-man-show front and center. 

The short story? He was a success, of course.