The Threenager is FOUR

The past year has literally flown by and all of the sudden the day is here - my tiny rebellious threenager has turned 4. It's still kind of unbelievable to me, because it feels like he was a baby just yesterday, but I love the fact that this year he really understands the concept of a birthday. The cake, the party, the whole shebang about being a year older.

He has been practicing for days to hold up four fingers instead of three but apparently it's trickier than he thought. Last night he finally cracked the code but it didn't make it into his 4 year old photos. I kind of like it though. Its much funnier like this.

Over the past few weeks he has added and subtracted things to the birthday wishlist but when it came down to it he really just wished for three things;

  1. a big number 4 balloon,
  2. a green ninja costume
  3. and the biggest box of Ninjago lego a kid could ever find.

As his mother, I wished for his health and happiness of course and then I wished for a Nor-Folk Wonder Years t-shirt. This simple yet perfect tee has revolutionized toddler birthdays. How has anyone not thought about numbered tees before? It makes me wish I had four kids close together in age so that I could line them up and number them in Nor-Folks wonderful t-shirts. As a matter of fact, I think I'm going to do that with the kid and his cousins. Talk about a photoshoot for the ages.

Naya and Willem

His cousin Naya snuck into this shoot and as always she is cute as a doll. I couldn't help myself and suddenly the "turning 4"-shoot turned into a photoshoot documenting the threenager era. I am pretty sure that we still have plenty of toddler-teenager days ahead.