We are here

We, as in me and the kid. Here, as in the blog community.

"Why?" you ask. 

Well, mostly because there are so many great independent or small businesses within the kids fashion genre. Brands upon brands upon brands that not enough people know about - that don't get half of the attention and credit they deserve - and I want to show them my appreciation in any way I can. 

Partly it's because of my love for photography. It's more about enthusiasm than talent, I assure you, and on top of that I'd say that at least 80 percent of the photos are featuring the kid. But the self-centered part of me is just dying to post the pics in a public space. 

The great thing is that both of these interests - kidsfashion and photography - go hand in hand with the most important thing in my life; my amazing kid.

Four years old, sweet as pie, funny and effing brilliant. And with no patience what so ever. There is nothing in this world better than him.

And that's that basically. Some of it will be in Swedish, most of it will be in English. Some of you will find it interesting and I'm sure that a few of you really won't.

But that's the beauty of internet.