I am 38 year old mother with a 4 year old kid, whom I love beyond comprehension. We live in the (mostly) cold north - in Stockholm, Sweden - but thankfully we travel a lot, often to much warmer places. A blog is not my normal habitat, which means that this is still a learning curve.
As of March -16 you can also find us as a contributor to the blog on Free and Wild Child.


There were several reasons to why I took down the old blog but there are two GREAT reasons to why I'm back.

1.   I love kids fashion - especially the kind that has presence. The kind that comes from brands that make clothes with passion and conscience and that believes in sustainability. And I love to support and acknowledge those brands, through Instagram and through this blog.

2.   i also love photography. Mostly i photograph kids (my own little dude and his friends) while they play and discover the world. Sometimes I photograph for the sake of simply showing of great threads from fantastic brands and sometimes i photograph things and places that me and the kid explore together. It's all about what is in front of the lens at that particular moment.

Threads that counts is an extension to the Instagram account @my_kid_willem but it will also have a life of its own. My vision is for it to be a place where photography can meet modern kids fashion and motherhood.