This is us.


Welcome to XXX, a site mostly focused on kids fashion and hobby photography. 
My name is Linn and I am a single parent to a 4 year old, fantastic, kid. We live in the (mostly) cold north, in Stockholm, Sweden, but thankfully we travel a lot. Often to much warmer places.

This blog started as an extension to our Instagram page. I keep discovering all these great kids-fashion brands, both independent and not - who produce all these beautiful garments. Clothes that are kind to the environment or handmade by mothers and fathers. And I kept feeling as if I didn't have enough room to show them off in a way they deserved.

Photography is a passion of mine and when I started taking more pictures of the kid in the clothes - not just snapshots here and there -  I realized that I had all these opinions about kids-fashion that needed to be written...


All photos on this site were taken by Linn Andersson unless otherwise stated and can not be used or borrowed without permission.