A Mini a Ture party outfit

I'm excited for the upcoming holidays. Christmas is one of my absolute favorite holidays. The preparations, the quality time with family, the lights and the decorations and, of course, the chance to dress up.

Acouple of days ago we went to the studio to get the annual Christmas-card photo shoot out of the way. The kids were having fun and we came with lots of outfit options so whole thing soon turned into a dress-up party. I have so many great photos but my favorites were the Bordeaux red and dark blue party outfits from Danish kids brand Mini A Ture.  I just have to show you a few of the pics.

My ultimate favorite foursome all did good. Naya, Zoe, little Melia and the kid himself. But the seasoned studio veterans Willem and Naya aced it as always. The Bordeaux red in this year's Mini A Ture Christmas line is beautiful and the pants that Willem wore just really complemented Naya's dress. Look at them under that mistletoe... It's honestly too cute for words.



Prepping for Lucia - a very Swedish tradition

It's now less than one month until the annual Lucia celebration takes place in Sweden. Are you done preparing for the procession? Or maybe you're more like me who really haven't started yet? Well, I'm starting today and here are my highlights from this year's range.

The "Luciatåg" (Lucia procession) is probably the most anticipated event of year for parents in Sweden, at least for those who have preschoolers. And how could it not be? All those tiny kids, dressed up and singing carols slightly off-key? Its so cute that you are about to burst. Which means that it is crucial to get a hold of a suitable Lucia costume before they are sold out.

A word of advise to the first time parent of a kid in Lucia procession age-group; Do not wait until the beginning of December to go shopping. It could end in disappointment, for sure.

The big chains such as HM, Lindex and Kappahl usually do a great job at providing us with costumes for all the different roles in the procession. Lucia, tärna, tomtenisse or stjärngosse, can all be found for reasonable prices, both in stores and on their various websites. Below I've rounded up this year's favorites:

Another tip from one parent to another would be to check with the preschool if they plan to have the Lucia procession outdoors. A lot of schools choose this option since inside space for a bigger bunch of kids could be limited. In this case; remember to size up. The kids will probably stand outside for a while and they might even need to fit the clothes over their winter overalls.

Below are photos of the munchkin himself, shot two years ago during his first preschool Lucia celebration. Cute as a button in an christmas-elf outfit two sizes too big. Behind him all his friends are lined up, singing their little hearts out, while my kid threw a one-man-show front and center. 

The short story? He was a success, of course.

The Threenager is FOUR

The past year has literally flown by and all of the sudden the day is here - my tiny rebellious threenager has turned 4. It's still kind of unbelievable to me, because it feels like he was a baby just yesterday, but I love the fact that this year he really understands the concept of a birthday. The cake, the party, the whole shebang about being a year older.

He has been practicing for days to hold up four fingers instead of three but apparently it's trickier than he thought. Last night he finally cracked the code but it didn't make it into his 4 year old photos. I kind of like it though. Its much funnier like this.

Over the past few weeks he has added and subtracted things to the birthday wishlist but when it came down to it he really just wished for three things;

  1. a big number 4 balloon,
  2. a green ninja costume
  3. and the biggest box of Ninjago lego a kid could ever find.

As his mother, I wished for his health and happiness of course and then I wished for a Nor-Folk Wonder Years t-shirt. This simple yet perfect tee has revolutionized toddler birthdays. How has anyone not thought about numbered tees before? It makes me wish I had four kids close together in age so that I could line them up and number them in Nor-Folks wonderful t-shirts. As a matter of fact, I think I'm going to do that with the kid and his cousins. Talk about a photoshoot for the ages.

Naya and Willem

His cousin Naya snuck into this shoot and as always she is cute as a doll. I couldn't help myself and suddenly the "turning 4"-shoot turned into a photoshoot documenting the threenager era. I am pretty sure that we still have plenty of toddler-teenager days ahead.

Halloween Countdown

Three days left and then its on! The spookiest Saturday of the year, with the worst sugar hangover known to mankind. Halloween is coming... And we are not quite ready! There is still so much to do and the kid still hasn't picked out the final costume.

My favorite kids in their comfiest Halloween outfits. All from Shampoodle, Lindex and HM's various spooky halloween-collections.

But prepping is in full force and this year we are turning the kid's birthday party into a Halloween bash for toddlers. We're decking the house with creepy crawly spiders, skeletons and pumpkin heads and bringing out all sorts of fun and spooky games. But this also means three Halloween costumes. One for the party, one for the actual trick or treating and one for the yearly Ghost-party at his preschool.

I think we will go the comfy road at the preschool party and what could be better than our favorite spooky joggers from Shampoodle. The bat-hat from H&M's All for children-collection is also a fun (and not so scary) favorite and the big chains like Lindex and Zara have all come up with fun Halloween themed shirts that can be worn even after the holiday is over. I fell for this long sleeved Crossbones tee from Lindex. It's stretchy and soft and made from organic cotton.

Naya grew into Willems spooky joggers from last year and the Nightmare before Christmas tee from H&M is still a favorite in our house. Plus, how can you not love the pumpkin head from 2012's All for children collection?

For the Halloween birthday party, the kid wants to be the green ninja - Loyd - from Ninjago. Surprisingly this is not a costume that can be store bought, at least not in Sweden. There are 6.8 million versions of Elsa's dress from Frost but finding a Ninjago costume (without ordering it from Ebay) has proven really difficult. This version in green from the local toy store is what I've come up with so far and the photo of it is about the same crappy quality as the costume itself, but the kid is soooo happy. The green ninja is his ultimate idol. 

The kid is crazy about ninjas. For real. I wish I was better at sewing - then I'd make him a really cool Ninjago getup. Oh, and for those of you wondering; the nunchuks are soft foam so no worries.

The kid is crazy about ninjas. For real. I wish I was better at sewing - then I'd make him a really cool Ninjago getup. Oh, and for those of you wondering; the nunchuks are soft foam so no worries.

For the annual Trick or Treat in our neighborhood its a toss between three options; A knight, a vampire or - if I get to decide - a crazy scientist. The problem is that I rarely get to decide anything these days. Below you'll find a bunch of photos from our playtime in the studio last week. Halloween was a fun theme for the kids.

The colors of Fall

I love the fall season. September, October and that first part of November with its beautiful colors, fresh air and fantastic holidays. And the kid loves the leaves of course, no doubt about it.

One of the best things about fall is the many fashion possibilities. Usually its not cold enough for overalls or thick jackets but there is enough of a chill for layers. Wonderful flannel shirts or knitted sweaters. Beanies and scarves and mittens.

We are here

We, as in me and the kid. Here, as in the blog community.

"Why?" you ask. 

Well, mostly because there are so many great independent or small businesses within the kids fashion genre. Brands upon brands upon brands that not enough people know about - that don't get half of the attention and credit they deserve - and I want to show them my appreciation in any way I can. 

Partly it's because of my love for photography. It's more about enthusiasm than talent, I assure you, and on top of that I'd say that at least 80 percent of the photos are featuring the kid. But the self-centered part of me is just dying to post the pics in a public space. 

The great thing is that both of these interests - kidsfashion and photography - go hand in hand with the most important thing in my life; my amazing kid.

Four years old, sweet as pie, funny and effing brilliant. And with no patience what so ever. There is nothing in this world better than him.

And that's that basically. Some of it will be in Swedish, most of it will be in English. Some of you will find it interesting and I'm sure that a few of you really won't.

But that's the beauty of internet.